OnePlus 9 Vs iPhone 12 | Which Smartphone To Buy?

The OnePlus 9 has been a very successful smartphone in the short time that it has existed. The iPhone 12 series has also been successful in selling a lot of devices ever since the launch, needless to say, both devices are a popular choice for a varied audience. While the OnePlus 9 tries to offer the best possible performance combination for a given price, the iPhone 12 goes all out on the premium and rich feel of the device.

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The iPhone has always been a premium smartphone and has offered a unique experience to buyers. While the OnePlus brand has been trying to offer a premium and optimized experience to the users on a budget.

The iPhone, on the other hand, tries to offer a premium experience to the users and creates an ecosystem with all the applications, accessories and services. While both smartphones have belonged to completely different segments for a long time now, the gap between them is narrowing with each new release.

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Design: OnePlus 9 Vs iPhone 12

You can see a massive difference when you compare the OnePlus 9 to the iPhone 12 series smartphones just by looking at the front of the device. While the OnePlus devices have gone for a punch-hole display, the iPhones come with a massive notch that houses the FaceID tech by Apple.

OnePlus 9 Build & Design

All four iPhone 12 variants come with a flat display, similar to the OnePlus 9 that also comes with a flat display. The iPhone 12 comes with a dual-camera setup on the rear except for the Pro and Max versions that come with a triple camera setup, while the camera does protrude a little on the back it still looks quite good.

iPhone 12

Design is very subjective and it is difficult to announce an ultimate winner in this category, all the phones look great and also feel great in the hand. The OnePlus 9 and the iPhones 12, both offer a minimal design that is popular these days and the camera modules are the main design element that stands out.

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Hardware: OnePlus 9 Vs iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is powered by the A14 Bionic chipset that is built on 5nm process, while the OnePlus 9 is powered by Snapdragon 888 processor which is the most powerful Qualcomm chipset available right now. Although, both the processors are quite powerful and are the most powerful processors available right now.

The OnePlus 9 certainly comes with more features and also comes with a better, larger, high refresh rate display. The display on the OnePlus 9 is a Fluid AMOLED QuadHD+ display compared to the Super Retina XDR OLED FullHD+ display on the iPhone 12.

The OnePlus 9 features a high refresh rate 120Hz display and the iPhone 12 houses a standard 60Hz display. The peak brightness on the OnePlus 9 is 1100 nits while on the iPhone 12 is at 1200 nits.

The OnePlus 9 also features a much faster wireless charging option at 65W while the iPhone 12 charging is capped at 20W with an additional fast charger that one needs to buy.

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iPhone 12 Colors and Design

The OnePlus 9 Series smartphones also subjectively get more RAM than the iPhone 12 devices, it is not a completely fair comparison as the iPhones don’t need as much RAM as iOS has better memory management and does not require that much extra RAM. And you will see the iPhone outperforming many Android devices that have thrice the amount of RAM.

The OnePlus 9 smartphones also have a fast fingerprint sensor under the display which makes life a lot easier compared to the FaceID especially during the COVID times when we all have our masks on.

All the iPhones come with IP68 Dust and Water-resistant rating while the OnePlus 9 skips it for the OnePlus 9 Pro. The software support is also much better on the iPhones as they come with guaranteed software updates for several years compared to the two years of promised updates on the OnePlus smartphones.

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Software Experience: OnePlus 9 Vs iPhone 12

When comparing the two devices the biggest difference is mainly in the software department, the OnePlus 9 runs on Android 11 while the iPhone 12 runs on iOS 14. The two operating systems on the devices are very different and get the work done very differently. Android is a choice for users if they prefer customizability and features over security and simplicity.

Oxygen OS on OnePlus 9

The Oxygen OS on the OnePlus 9 is bloatware-free and is as close as one can get to the stock Android experience. The OS is quite smooth and includes a lot of extra features such as Always-on-display, dual apps, Zen Mode, Gaming Mode etc.

iOS 14 on iPhone 12

While the iOS 14 performs much better than the Oxygen OS and is usually free from vulnerabilities and bugs. With a lot of added security features and customizations, it makes a complete balance of user experience and security.

In terms of software both the devices are equally good in their world and whichever you pick you won’t get disappointed in the software department.

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Cameras: OnePlus 9 Vs iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Design and Screen

The OnePlus 9 features a triple rear camera setup that includes a 48 MP wide-angle lens, a 50MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP monochrome lens. The iPhone 12 follows a similar trend with three rear cameras on the Max and only two on the regular variants. The iPhone 12 features a 12MP primary camera and a 12MO ultra-wide camera.

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OnePlus 9 camera

The cameras on iPhones have always been impressive and this stands true even with the latest iPhone 12. The OnePlus devices on the other hand in the past have never been camera-focused. However, this year with the OnePlus 9 and their partnership with Hasselblad, the cameras have improved a lot and deliver excellent results.

If you looking to buy a smartphone specifically for photography and videography the iPhone 12 should be the best option.

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OnePlus 9 Vs iPhone 12 | Which Smartphone To Buy?

The OnePlus 9 and the iPhone 12 belong to very different user markets for the most part but are now available for quite a similar pricing. The OnePlus 9 is based on Android and one of the best experiences that an Android smartphone can offer. There are tons of customization abilities that are possible with the OnePlus 9 and delivers excellent performance.

While the iPhone 12 on the other hand comes with iOS 14 and offers a more easy-to-use interface that is fast and is beautifully designed. The iPhone 12 also has an upper hand when it comes to the optics despite the Hasselblad optimization offered on the OnePlus 9 which makes the iPhone 12 a better choice to buy if you do not mind spending the extra cash.

Both the devices are at the opposite ends of the spectrum but with similar pricing and excellent performance. The choice between the two devices is tough but if you are aiming for a smartphone that offers a better photography experience and excellent videography then iPhone 12 is the option to go for.

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